Warning against stimulants upsize in Ramadan

Warning against stimulants upsize in Ramadan
22 Jul

Riyadh - SPA

Anood Al-Shamikh, nutrition expert at King Fahd Medical City, warned against excessive intake of stimulants in Ramadan. She warned against  intake of  large quantities of 350 mg or more per day. Results include hypertension and low control of nerves and involuntary muscles. Moreover, sudden cessation results in headache and exhaust. Caffeine is found in many natural sources including coffee, cocoa, tea leaves, soft drinks and energy stimulating drinks. Tea and coffee are the main sources of caffeine intake, particularly in the Arab World. While recommending downsize of stimulants intake to 30 - 200 mg per day,  Anood recommends upsize of the intake of fibers and sodium-rich food during pre-dawn meal including bran, peach, apricot, kiwi and cantaloupe.

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