Crown Prince highlights blessings enjoyed by Saudi Arabia

Published 22 Sep 2014
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Crown Prince highlights blessings enjoyed by Saudi Arabia

Riyadh- SPA

In a speech on the occasion of the 84th anniversary of the National Day of the kingdom, Crown Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz,
Deputy Premier and Minister of Defense, highlighted the new renaissance and forthcoming fruits of structural reforms of many
sectors in the country.

Crown Prince expressed joy over the anniversary of the unification of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the blessings and virtues
bestowed by Allah Almighty on this dear country under the leadership and insight of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King
Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud who continued the journey of construction and development.

The Crown Prince underlined the country's unity, security, prosperity and stability amid an area abound of chaos; and the
economic prosperity at a time of financial crisis and recession.

'We believe in the future of our country and its strength. We move with determination and insistence that defeat bets of others.
Proud of the honor of serving Islam and Muslims all over the world, we live their concerns and issues and provide them with
support and assistance. No adulation neither appease in our policies towards others, we always take the right decision even if
it angers some. Our positions are honest in word and deed.' he said

Crown Prince added, 'Our goal is to be at the forefront because we believe in our potentials, capabilities and position. We also
believe more in our youth who have started taking the positions they deserve, thanks to the their seriousness and efficiency.'

'Today, as Muslims, we are concerned because we have not done enough to protect our nation from extremism and its youths from
militancy and extremism leading some of the misled to adopt violence and replace the doctrine of tolerance with the doctrine of
takfir (judging people as infidels), terrorism and bombing.' he said.

He added, 'Our first task today as officials and citizens is to join forces in order to deliver the true picture of Islam
tarnished by the forces of darkness, and show our great religion with its ethics, knowledge and work in the face of deviant
thoughts and misinterpretations.

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