Four royal orders issued

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Published 27 Sep 2016
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Four royal orders issued

Riyadh, SPA :

 Four royal orders were issued yesterday.

 The first order cut the salary of a minister by (20%) and the reward of a member of the Shura Council by (15%) starting from the date of 01/01/1438 AH.

 The second royal order issued today cut the annual subsidy of a member of the Shura Council for the purposes of housing and furniture by (15%)

 and the lump sum that is paid to a member of the Shura Council by (15%), and which includes the value of the car, which is provided to the member, the required driver, maintenance and fuel during the specified term of four years.

The third royal order issued today exempted the military men actually participating in the military actions in the southern borders of the kingdom and the participants in the military, intelligence and security operations outside the homeland from the provision on withholding the annual increment of 1438 AH.

The 4th royal order issued today stopped provision of cars to senior state officials until the end of the financial year (1438/1439 AH) and stated that ministers shall pay the dues of their fixed and mobile phones as of the date of 01/01/1438 AH.

Last Modified Date: 27/09/2016 - 9:19 AM Saudi Arabia Time


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