AlUla to Host ALECSO Executive Board Meeting for Second Time in Saudi History

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Published 18 Jan 2022
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AlUla to Host ALECSO Executive Board Meeting for Second Time in Saudi History

 AlUla Governorate, in the northwest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is scheduled to host the meetings of 116th ordinary session of the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO) between January 25 and 27, with the participation of 21 Arab countries,where members of the board and representatives of countries will be discussing several subjects that serve ALECSO goals in the Arab world and develop the work of the organization in the region.
The meetings of the board, which will be held in AlUla, marking it the second time in history for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to host the meetings after they were hosted in Taif 42 years ago, namely 1979, will be discussing several issues related to the future of the organizations and its strategic plans in the near future.
This meeting will be held following some 6 months of the presidency of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the Executive Board of ALECSO, where Saudi Arabia works with the organization to contribute to developing its goals and joint action among brotherly Arab countries, which reflects the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s keenness and leading role in improving the educational, cultural and scientific fields, especially that it has always been and will continue to be among the top contributors in enhancing and bridging cultural gaps among Arab peoples and supporting innovation and entrepreneurship in various fields.
AlUla's hosting of the meeting constitutes an important dimension with overlapping fields between the organization’s work and the historical, civil and cultural status of AlUla that forms a meeting point for old civilizations and is considered a historical museum dating back to thousands of years with natural wonders, historical sites and archeological monuments that were preserved over centuries, especially that AlUla has a human heritage dating back to 200,000 years, the majority of which has yet to be discovered amidst a government concern that made it an exceptional global destination and an incubator for natural beauty and unique human heritage.

Last Modified Date: 24/01/2022 - 7:30 AM Saudi Arabia Time


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