Saudi Arabia Participates in Art D’Egypte Exhibition Entitled “Forever is Now”

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Published 24 Oct 2021
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Saudi Arabia Participates in Art D’Egypte Exhibition Entitled “Forever is Now”

Activities of the International Exhibition "Forever is Now" were kicked off in its 4th edition here yesterday to revive arts in Egypt and the world and to blend contemporary art with the ancient Egyptian civilization.
The inauguration ceremony was held at the Great Historical Giza Pyramids area under the auspices of the Egyptian Minister of Antiquities and Tourism Dr. Khaled Al-Anani in the presence of the Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sameh Shoukry; Saudi Ambassador to Egypt Osama bin Ahmed Naqli; a number of Arab and foreign ambassadors accredited to Cairo and representatives of UNESCO.
Heritage Authority of the Ministry of Culture of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is participating in the exhibition, along with 9 world-class artists, through a creative artwork by Prince Sultan bin Fahd bin Nasser bin Abdulaziz on the pharaonic inscription of Ramses III discovered in the oasis of Tayma which is located 220 km southeast of the city of Tabuk.
The work is represented in a labyrinth built in the form of cubes, on the surface of which the inscription of Ramses III is engraved with Tayma, using copper, which Ramses III was sending expeditions to bring from a neighboring area believed to be the Arabian Peninsula.
In his speech during the ceremony, the Egyptian Minister of Tourism and Antiquities expressed his happiness with the presence and participation of local and international artists from various countries to participate in this global event, stressing his country's keenness to sponsor such exhibitions and events that combine modern and contemporary art and heritage.
It is worth mentioning that this 4th edition of the Art D’Egypte exhibition “Forever is Now” will take place from Oct’21st to Nov 7th.

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