Mulla Signs Digital Culture and  Knowledge Dissemination Contract

Published 25 Aug 2014
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Mulla Signs Digital Culture and  Knowledge Dissemination Contract

Riyadh, e-Media

His Excellency the Minister of Communications and Information Technology Engr. Mohamed Jamil Bin Ahmed Mulla signed a contract for the implementation of ‘Digital Culture and  Knowledge Dissemination Project (Phase III)’. MCIT implements this project as a contribution from the ministry in achieving the goals and implementing some projects of the National Communications and Information Technology Plan. The two years contract includes  lectures and workshops in the area of telecommunications and information technology and production of awareness booklets and films, at a total cost of (SR 4, 359,771.35).
Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Orainy, Secretary-General of the National Communications and Information Technology Plan and the supervisor of the project, has indicated that the plan includes a number of development goals whose achievement will hopefully lead to access the future vision of this plan represented in ‘transition to an information society and a digital economy, increase of productivity, provision of telecommunications and information technology services for all segments of society in all parts of the country, and building a strong industry in the sector to become one of the main sources of income;’ these general goals seek in its entirety to get to optimum use of communications and information technology in all government and private sectors, so as to increase productivity and efficiency, boost prosperity, diversify
sources of income, and reduce expenses.

“The plan consists of five phases, each of which includes a number of specific goals and a package of projects. One of those goals is geared to raise people’s awareness of the importance of communications in society and in all regions of the Kingdom, and to enable them to deal positively with telecommunications and information technology. Achievement of this goal is the responsibility of several government agencies, including MCIT, which contributed and contribute to this through a large number of projects in which both the Secretariat of National Communications and Information Technology Plan and e-Government Program ‘yesser’ are involved in.” AL-Orainy Said.
The Secretariat contributes with projects, including for example ‘e-Training Caravans’, and ‘Digital Culture and  Knowledge Dissemination Project’), as well as the publication of several booklets and introductory and awareness media, traditional and electronic.

AL-Orainy added, “The Digital Culture and  Knowledge Dissemination Project had had achievements during the past three years in various regions of the Kingdom, where - Thanks to God - more than 75,000 awareness panels were distributed on boys and girls-schools, hundreds of paintings were circulated to be used during lectures, and more than 50,000 awareness booklet about information security were printed and distributed, in addition to guidance messages which were published on platforms of the automated terminal. Further, more than 176.000 of various sectors, including students of boys and girls, benefited  from the lectures in this phase. The signing of ‘Phase III’ of this ambitious project is a continuation of this blessed excursion.
Moreover, AL-Orainy provided that MCIT has decided to add another dimension to this project, namely an activity directed to a dear segment of Saudi citizens, who are ‘our creative youth’ in the field of telecommunications and information technology, as this project in its next phase will have several workshops geared particularly to creative youth in this sector.
These workshops will be - God willing - from them and for them, and will contribute to highlighting their works as creative people, enriching their experiences, whetting their vim, and demonstrating them so as to introduce their abilities to both the public sector and private sector.

Last Modified Date: 25/08/2014 - 12:02 PM Saudi Arabia Time


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