Foreign Minister: the Kingdom will continue support for Yemen against challenges it faces

Published 25 Sep 2014
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Foreign Minister: the Kingdom will continue support for Yemen against challenges it faces

New York, SPA:
Prince Saud Al-Faisal, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, confirmed the support of his country for Yemen based on the joint ties of fraternity, neighborhood and destiny, calling on the world community to follow suit.
In a key address while co-chairing with the United Kingdom's Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond the Ministerial Meeting of Friends of Yemen Group on the sidelines of the 69th session of the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York yesterday, Prince Saud Al-Faisal warned that despite Saudi Arabia’s and the world at large support for the recent arrangement between Yemen administration, led by President Abdurabbou Mansour Hadi, and the Houthi Group, it seems that as if the agreement is going to collapse given the Houthi group's disregard of the security aspect of the agreement.
Prince Saud Al-Faisal called on the world community to provide the necessary support for Yemen to keep the agreement alive.
He recalled the sizeable support rendered by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for Yemen's political process to bring about peace and stability to the country domestically and abroad, citing Saudi Arabia also lent support for the UN resolution on August 29, 2014 depicting the Houthi group as main obstacle before the peaceful political process in Yemen.
He also called for taking more effective measures to live up to the grave situations in Yemen and hold those trying to derail the political process in Yemen accountable.
However, he expressed optimism that the wise men of Yemen would come up with solutions to the chronic problems Yemen is facing, citing the achievements of the GCC initiative since 2011 as a stimulus.

He said everybody is on the agreement that Yemen could not face such challenges alone and that the world community is to shoulder a great responsibility to provide assistance to Yemen.
He reiterated the call for the donor countries, commissions and funds to live up to their pledges towards Yemen. He said they should accelerate their assistance to Yemen to help it meet the critical circumstances it is facing, citing commitments issued at a meeting in September last year to help Yemen.
He said yesterday's meeting enjoys a special importance that is to consider the restructuring of this group according to the outcome of London meeting in April 2014.

Last Modified Date: 25/09/2014 - 7:06 AM Saudi Arabia Time


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