Global Competitiveness Forum reviews e-services

Published 26 Jan 2015
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Global Competitiveness Forum reviews e-services

Riyadh - SPA

Saudi Arabia General Investment Authority arranged the Global Competitiveness Forum.  
Speakers stressed the need for improving the competitiveness of government agencies.
Minister of Commerce & Industry and minister of Civil Service attended the forum.
Minister of Commerce reviewed the efforts his ministry is making to support
competitiveness of the government sector and establishing of partnerships with
parties inside and outside the country. He indicated that his ministry participated in
13 international fairs last year.

Minister of Civil Service said competitiveness poses challenge to his ministry. He said:
"we compete with ourselves, with the citizen's aspirations, with other government
agencies and with other countries".

Last Modified Date: 26/01/2015 - 11:19 AM Saudi Arabia Time


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