Council of Health Insurance Joins ECHAlliance as Partner

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Published 18 Dec 2022
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Council of Health Insurance Joins ECHAlliance as Partner

Riyadh, SPA:
As part of the continued efforts of the Council of Health Insurance (CHI) to be seen as a progressive regulator focused on enabling digital transformation and innovation in the health insurance sector, the CHI announced its membership as a founding partner to the European Connected Health Alliance (ECHAlliance).
ECHAlliance is the global connector for digital health, a non-for-profit organization which spans across 78 countries globally with over 23,000 global members.
“As a progressive regulator CHI has invested heavily in building our digital capability from Nphies to iHub over the last 2 years, driven by our digital strategy to uplift the digital maturity of the sector, enable innovation that delivers value-based healthcare. We are excited to become a founding member of ECHAlliance which will allow us to access a global network of digital health experts and policy makers to learn from them as well as share best practices", Abdullah Alsharqi, Executive Director and Chief Technology and Digital Transformation Officer.
He added that the focus of the partnership will be on learning and understanding from other policy makers on how they are approaching digital and data policy and regulation in healthcare, gaining a better understanding of emerging technology used cases in digital health insurance and the delivery of value-based healthcare. It will also focus on promoting and showcasing to a global audience CHI thought leadership in digital transformation and value-based healthcare.
“We are delighted to have the Council of Health Insurance join ECHAlliance as our latest Foundation Partner. Their mission to improve the health of beneficiaries through a regulatory environment focused on prevention and enabling stakeholders to promote equity, transparency and value-based health care, is of key importance within our ECHAlliance Community. We look forward to sharing best practice from them to our network and also connecting best practice from others to the Council for Health Insurance.", Brian O'Connor, Chair ECHAlliance Group.

Last Modified Date: 26/12/2022 - 8:11 AM Saudi Arabia Time


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