Shoura Council recommends a separate agency to prevent domestic violence

Published 27 Jan 2015
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Shoura Council recommends a separate agency to prevent domestic violence


Shoura Council on Monday urged  Ministry of Social Welfare to consider establishing  of a separate agency  for  prompt and efficient handling  of domestic violence.

The suggested agency should develop a comprehensive strategy, in coordination with
pertinent agencies, in order to handle domestic violence cases directly and ensure
prompt intervention to prevent potential abuse as well as to evaluate the performance of
the agencies working in this field.

Muhammad Al-Amr, secretary general of the Council, said it also suggested that the
committee would take into account various psychological and social aspects of domestic
violence cases, Saudi Press Agency reported.

The Council session, chaired by its President Sheikh Abdullah Al-Asheikh, urged the
ministry to develop an Early Intervention Program for the sake of special needs children
since their birth until the age of four.
The Council also discussed four recommendations presented by the Council's Health
Affairs Committee about the annual report of the Saudi Food and Drug Authority.

The committee recommended the authority should make public its conditions and
specifications for medical products and equipment within the Kingdom and abroad in order
to eliminate the sale of substandard products in the local market.

Last Modified Date: 27/01/2015 - 6:38 AM Saudi Arabia Time


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