Prince Mohammed bin Salman Non-Profit City Hosts "Manga Productions" Head Office

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Published 19 Jul 2022
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Prince Mohammed bin Salman Non-Profit City Hosts "Manga Productions" Head Office

Riyadh, SPA:
Manga Productions, a subsidiary company of Mohammed bin Salman “MiSK” Foundation, which produces animation, video games and storyboards, has announced the transfer of its headquarters to Prince Mohammed bin Salman Non-Profit City , scheduled to be opened in 2024.
The step will create a new media sector in the city, to support its endeavors to hone the skills of a new generation of creative Saudi talents, and enable bright and young minds to live, learn, participate and thrive.
Manga Productions Company will benefit from the City's oriented approach to supporting international collaborations, which presents opportunities for new partnerships with innovators around the world.
The company will also be a favorite destination for young Saudi talents to explore its distinguished services, and seize the valuable opportunities it offers in the world of creativity as it designs and establishes workshops in the City to provide an educational program in the media and creative content sector to educate, empower and inspire Saudi youth.
CEO of Manga Production Dr. Essam Bukhari has explained that the company aims to inspire "future heroes", highlighting that the new headquarters in Prince Mohammed bin Salman Non-Profit City will enable them to promote the dissemination of a culture of creativity among young people, create opportunities and inspire creative minds in this sector, in addition to hone the skills of ambitious Saudi youth.
For his part, CEO of Prince Mohammed bin Salman Non-Profit City David Henry, confirmed that the new headquarters of "Manga Productions" comes in line with the City's vision to be an advanced digital metropolis centered on people, that puts Saudi youths at the center of its priorities, and the city's goals will support the Kingdom's 2030 vision to hone the skills of Saudi youths, give them promising opportunities, and inspire them to achieve their creative aspirations, in addition to attracting global talent.
Manga Productions is a leading company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the media and creative content sector, and it works to formulate inspirational and positive content targeting many segments of society locally and globally, as the company produced the first Saudi-Japanese animated film: The Journey" in partnership with Toei Animation, one of the oldest and the most famous Japanese production studio.
The Journey movie has crowned a defining moment for the creative sector in the Kingdom, and introduced the global audience to the authenticity of Saudi culture and the historical stories of the Arabian Peninsula.
Manga Productions will provide Prince Mohammed bin Salman Non-Profit City with its multiple innovations, which combine the creative sector and academic knowledge to support the economic and social development march in the Kingdom, in addition to enhancing academic and industrial partnership, as well as the social development.
It worth mentioning that Prince Mohammed bin Salman Non-Profit City is located in Erqa district along Wadi Hanifa and extends over an area of 3.4 square kilometers.

Last Modified Date: 27/07/2022 - 10:35 AM Saudi Arabia Time


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