DGDA unveils its vision for Diriyah Square, which will host more than 450 of the finest global brands

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Published 25 Nov 2021
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DGDA unveils its vision for Diriyah Square, which will host more than 450 of the finest global brands

The Diriyah Gate Development Authority (DGDA) announced its future vision for the Diriyah Square project, which started in 2019 and represents the commercial heart of the Diriyah project, scheduled to open in 2024.
This huge project is an icon of DGDA projects, due to its unique attractions and luxurious modern lifestyles. The square, located in the middle of the Diriyah scheme, hosting 450+ of the world’s finest global retail brands, complemented by an additional 100 authentic local Saudi artisan souks, allowing Diriyah’s residents and visitors to enjoy a distinguished lifestyle and a variety of options in entertainment, let alone the ultra-luxurious hotels, and places to work and live, and other facilities and services.
Diriyah Square’s vision rests on three key values: Authenticity, Future, and Place. From the inspiration of originality, the project will faithfully apply timeless Najdi-inspired architecture and design principles that reflect the profoundness and antiquity of Saudi culture.
Emanating from the future vision of the place, the contemporary and keeping pace with modernity associated with the variables of civil life was essential in the project’s structure to meet the aspirations of the new generations and their need for an advanced and multi-characteristic lifestyle, the streetscape of inviting laneways, open-air courtyards, and souks, to a thriving day and night-time shopping.
The long-term goals and expectations of the project aim to celebrate the local community, elevate the social, cultural, and historical context, connect with the roots of the Saudi heritage, and create solid foundations on which to build the best possible future for the community.
CEO of DGDA Jerry Inzerillo said since its foundation in 2017, DGDA has been attracting the world’s most experienced real estate professionals to Saudi Arabia and Diriyah for the project. The development supports the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, a roadmap drawn to create a vibrant society and thriving economy.
Inzerillo added that the project corresponds to the objectives of the Quality of Life Program to achieve its goals towards a vibrant society and a prosperous economy to improve the quality of life, through what the project encompasses including various opportunities for a modern life with wide options and multiple styles, and what it provides for artistic, cultural, recreational and environmental activities and events.

Last Modified Date: 28/11/2021 - 7:25 AM Saudi Arabia Time


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