Hadaf Calls on Job Seekers, Employees to Register in English Language Training Program

Published 29 Apr 2020
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Hadaf Calls on Job Seekers, Employees to Register in English Language Training Program

Riyadh, SPA:
The Human Resources Development Fund (Hadaf) has called on male and female job seekers and the employees of the private sector to register in English language training program which will be provided via Doroob e-platform.
The registration period will start on Friday, 01 May and will end on 12 May, and the two-month program will start on 07 July. The program will include number of batches and who couldn't register in the first batch, the registration for the second batch will be opened after a month from the start of the 1st batch.
This program comes within the government stimulus plan to empower entities and ensure both their stability and business growth in the midst of the economic situation due to the repercussion of Coronavirus (COVID-19).
The two-month program aims to develop skills of job seekers and employees in the field of English language as the trainee will be able to achieve progress through passing 16 different levels based on performance and quickness to learn the language during the training period.
To join the program, the applicant must be Saudi, passed three training courses via Doroob platform in the past three months and the applicant must be between 18 - 40 years old.
Doroob e-training Program comes within support packages provided by Hadaf to develop skills of students, job seekers and employees who seek career development, and to raise the participation of national cadres in the private sector, as well as empowering them to find appropriate job opportunities. Doroob program aims to develop the skills of the national cadres through offering online courses and approved certificates after trainee completes the program and meets all requirements. The program also forms a strategic partnerships with different entities.

Last Modified Date: 29/04/2020 - 1:47 AM Saudi Arabia Time


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