Ministry of Labor launches corporate self evaluation program

Published 29 May 2013
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Ministry of Labor launches corporate self evaluation program

Riyadh - SPA

Ministry of Labor will launch a corporate self-evaluation program at the beginning of next year. Each company can rate itself with respect to compliance with rules and regulations.The proposed evaluation will be conducted online based on 30 criteria. The program is designed to entrench control tools through communication with all business firms and ensure business firms are more aware of the Ministry's rules and regulations.
The program is not an alternative of physical inspection. A workshop has been conducted yesterday at Marriott Hotel for this purpose. Companies shall use Arabic language for their records, files, contract agreements and instructions to their personnel. The new program comes in the light of the enormous challenges of having to deal with more than 1.2 million business firms and more than 8 million workers in the country.

Last Modified Date: 29/05/2013 - 8:59 AM Saudi Arabia Time


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