Saudi Arabia denounces all kinds of terror, regardless of justifications or manifestations, says Maalami

Published 29 Jul 2017
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Saudi Arabia denounces all kinds of terror, regardless of justifications or manifestations, says Maalami

United Nations, SPA:
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's permanent representative to the United Nations Abdullah bin Yahya Al-Maalami confirmed today that his country unreservedly denounces all kinds of terrorism, regardless of its justification or victims and condemns any country or group or individual who practices terror acts or overlooks it, or helps financing it, noting that the efforts being exerted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in its fight against terrorism was not confined to security aspects but surpassed them to falsifying its extremist thought.

In a speech before the UN General Assembly, which listened to a report on the UN international strategy to combat terrorism, Al-Maalami extended thanks to the UN for convening this meeting and the UN secretary general for his strenuous interest in enhancing the international abilities to combat terrorism since assuming office as secretary general as well as his assistance to member countries to implement the international strategy to fight the epidemic through its four pillars in a balanced and comprehensive way.

On the occasion, Al-Maalami welcomed ambassador Vladimir Vorncov, Chairman of the Terror Combat Office, wishing him every success in his new career to enhance cooperation and coordination among the competent authorities in the UN and its partners.

Orchestrating the anti-terror activities and efforts in the United Nations receives joint interest, Ambassador Al-Maalami explained, noting that this ought to be reflected positively on the UN organization and its partners whom the UN seeks to cooperate with in this field.

He added that combating terrorism is an international responsibility that requires strenuous and continuous efforts through collective work and coordination and cooperation among countries and specialized centers in the sake of combating terrorism and its repercussions and putting proposed programs and projects to be implemented as part of the joint objectives and the four pillars of the international strategy, expected to harvest many successes to tackle a number of terror-related security challenges.

Al-Maalami said war against terrorism is a long one and is not confined to security measures but goes to cover the theological aspect which is so important. Based on that, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has established Eatidal (moderation) center which received international praise and support and that many international terror-combating entities have followed suit.

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