23 Artists Showcase their Creativity in "Dreams Exhibition - from JAX to Al-Madinah"

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Published 29 Jan 2023
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23 Artists Showcase their Creativity in "Dreams Exhibition - from JAX to Al-Madinah"
Madinah, SPA: A total of 23 male and female artists, professionals, and amateurs of drawing and visual arts are participating in the "Dreams Exhibition- from JAX to Al-Madinah," which is held at the Madinah Art Center and lasts for 90 days.
The exhibition, which is being implemented under the supervision of "The Namaa Al-Munawwara Foundation" and with the support of the Cultural Fund, is the first art exhibition that collects the artistic and visual works of the artists of the JAX Arts District in Diriyah, which emanate from unique ideas and feelings that express the personality of the artist and blend the artistic and visual work aspects of reality and imagination in the footsteps of the creative pioneers of this art from different countries.
Omnia Abdelkader, the exhibition coordinator, explained that the exhibition constitutes a platform for many young artists and creators to exchange expertise and practice their artistic creations that establish for Saudi art and artist solid foundations for a world-leading art industry, as the first station that gathers "JAX" artists outside Diriyah, Riyadh, to introduce the public to their artistic production.
Abdelkader explained that each artist is unique in his/her presentation and style in a different way in presenting their idea and creativity. The exhibition carries different and deep meanings and multiple aspects through the participation of generations of creators and distinguished names in the world of Saudi contemporary art.
Since its inception five years ago, Madinah Art Center has witnessed many events and activities in various artistic fields.

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