Culinary Arts Commission Participates in Agora Festival in Paris

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Published 31 Aug 2022
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Culinary Arts Commission Participates in Agora Festival in Paris

Riyadh, SPA:
The Culinary Arts Commission today announced its participation in the Agora Festival, which is scheduled to be held in Paris between September 1 and 4, through preparing seven pavilions to celebrate the Saudi coffee, which is considered a distinguished cultural product for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and to highlight the big cultural diversity in the Saudi culinary culture and spread it internationally.
The commission has dedicated three pavilions to activate the 2022 Saudi Coffee Year initiative with a Saudi heritage character, with a special platform for a coffee expert who will prepare the Saudi coffee in the traditional way and speak about the way of preparing it, in addition to preparing a special area for traditional handicrafts that allows Saudi craftspeople to highlight handmade arts and Saudi inscriptions related to the Saudi coffee and its difference between various areas, such as the coffee pot and cups.
In two dedicated pavilions, Saudi chefs will be preparing Saudi dishes and sweets for visitors and acquainting them with these items, in addition to having two pavilions for Saudi dates with a presentation for Saudi culinary inspired from dates and offer tourists a unique opportunity in miscellaneous fields pertaining to culinary arts with the use of dates to attract them and familiarizing them with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s rich products and heritage, such as dates, Al-Kalijah, Al-Mamoul and dates molasses.
Agora Festival focuses on showcasing products from across the world and offers unique experiences for local and international visitors, in addition to attracting people to get acquainted with various products and heritage of several cities of the world, where the commission’s participation seeks to enhance the presence of the Saudi culinary in international events.

Last Modified Date: 31/08/2022 - 2:03 PM Saudi Arabia Time


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