Diriyah Gate Development Authority and Misk Art Institute sign MoU to enhance inter-company cooperation

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Published 31 Dec 2020
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Diriyah Gate Development Authority and Misk Art Institute sign MoU to enhance inter-company cooperation

Diriyah Gate Development Authority (DGDA) and Misk Art Institute (MAI) inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to share expertise and promote cooperation across several areas.
The move is part of the Saudi Vision 2030 linked policies, aiming to create increased job opportunities and prospects for the local community and put the country on the world tourist map.
The MoU aims to provide inter-company counsel on information related to the arts sector and the research and documentation of artwork; hold training courses for artists and art professionals; and establish internships in the arts and culture sectors. It also offers consultancy and advisory services on developing resources in the arts sector.
Under the memo, the two sides agreed to exchange artwork and information across media resources between MAI, DGDA and others.
The memo forms part of DGDA’s wider development project, which is in the process of transforming the historic city of Diriyah into one of the world’s foremost lifestyle destinations for culture and heritage, hospitality, retail and education. The destination will attract local and international visitors alike through its historically sensitive reimagining of the area and its world-class entertainment and events program.
"The planned artistic projects in Diriyah aim to make a quantum leap in the culture and arts sphere and are expected to change the artistic landscape of the Kingdom " said Reem Alsultan, CEO of Misk Art Institute.
She adds: "The memo comes within the framework of the Institute's eagerness to provide support, consultancy, and training to all bodies and firms working in the art and creative sector. This will transform the city into a vital hub for visitors and tourists both inside and outside the Kingdom. "
Meanwhile, CEO of DGDA Jerry Inzerillo said: "DGDA is delighted to boost its collaboration with the Misk Art Institute through this MOU signing, as through its recent successful projects, the Institute has played an intrinsic role in the cultural life of the Kingdom, and we look forward to our future joint endeavors. "
The memo was signed in Riyadh by Jerry Inzerillo CEO of DGDA and Reem AlSultan, CEO of Misk Art Institute.

Last Modified Date: 31/12/2020 - 10:06 AM Saudi Arabia Time


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