Saudi International Airshow 2021 postponed, due to coronavirus COVID-19

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Published 3 Dec 2020
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Saudi International Airshow 2021 postponed, due to coronavirus COVID-19

The Saudi Aviation Club announced the postponement of launching the 2nd version of the International Expo for Aviation and Space “Saudi International Airshow”, scheduled to take place at Riyadh-based Al-Thimama airport early 2021, citing the organizer’s keenness on the safety of participants and visitors amid the resurgence of a second wave of coronavirus COVID-19 in a number of countries, in addition to the recent lockdowns of international borders, in some European and American continents, leading to a worldwide recession in the industry in addition to negative impact on the global transport traffic and economy in general and the aviation sector in particular.
The club has received confirmation of its invitation from as many as 500 local and external exhibitors. However, some companies have expressed reservation on holding the event amid the second outbreak of the pandemic as well as the difficulty of transport and financial impact on those companies.
The second version will take place at the backdrop and the unprecedented turnout achieved at the first version which was held early 2019, in the attendance of more than 20,000 persons, and participation of more than 80 aircraft and 267 local and international companies. The event also witnessed the signing of 15 memoranda of understanding while the number of participating countries in the expo amounted to 57.
The second version is set to disclose new areas of discussion and conferences: space, satellites, drones, robots and aviation training.

Last Modified Date: 03/12/2020 - 7:10 AM Saudi Arabia Time


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