AlUla, a Museum of Arab Ancient Civilizations

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Published 4 Nov 2020
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AlUla, a Museum of Arab Ancient Civilizations

Riyadh, SPA:
Due to its ancient treasures dating back to the old eras, "AlUla" is described as a mirror of the ancient world's civilizations which took place in the Arabian Peninsula. It also inspired researchers to uncover eras that humanity has gone through. The researches revealed an ancient civilization that lasted for more than 200,000 years old at the same place along the ancient incense trade route from the south of the Peninsula towards the north.
AlUla represents a touristy destination for all visitors from various parts of the world as it takes care of archeology, nature, arts and culture. Visitors can enjoy an exciting experience in the site registering the highest record in the archaeological world as it included 111 archaeological tombs, accommodating 94 carved graves, in addition to 5,000 inscriptions carved on the rocks at Ikmah Mountain.
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has enabled tourists from all countries of the world to visit AlUla as the Royal Commission for AlUla succeeded to have the site registered as a vibrant museum within the world heritage.
The period between October and April every year is the best for visiting "AlUla" due to the mild weather, where temperatures range between 10-25 degrees Celsius. The period between May to September witnesses high temperatures ranging from 20-35 degrees Celsius.
One of the main sites in AlUla is Al-Hijr, which is the first UNESCO World Heritage property to be inscribed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This site is known with its famous tombs, along with the “Dadan” civilization, which dates back beyond the 1st millennium BCE. Ikmah Mountain is called the “Open Library” which is filled with archaeological inscriptions dating back to the dawn of Arab civilization in addition to writings and inscriptions belonging to other civilizations.
Various rock formations are found in different areas in AlUla in addition to the green oasis which makes the site a distinctive destination for nature lovers. AlUla is also a home for many plants and animals.

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