Taif University Launches 19 IT Projects

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Published 7 Mar 2018
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Taif University Launches 19 IT Projects

Taif SPA
Dr. Hossam bin Abdulwahab Zaman, Taif University Rector, launched today 19 new technical projects implemented by the Deanship of e-Learning and Information Technology, within the Digital Transformation Project. In addition, he launched the university new website project.
In his speech at the launching ceremony, the rector thanked the Deanship of Information Technology (DIT) team, Dr. Turki Al-Ghamdi, former dean of DIT, and Dr. Fawaz Al-Asiri, dean of DIT, for their great efforts in establishing infrastructure projects of the digital and electronic system. He also thanked Public Relations and Media Department for their interactive contribution on the university website.
Dr. Zaman stressed that the upcoming period will be for a competition between the colleges to provide the best academic and educational services, announcing Taif University Award for the best web page on the university website for fixed content, variable content of news and announcements, and creative content. He also announced award for colleges regarding the development and conversion of courses from traditional into to e-learning format, which will lead to a paradigm shift for the university.


Last Modified Date: 07/03/2018 - 10:56 AM Saudi Arabia Time


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