Dr.Tamader: Saudi Arabia Empowers Women in all Fields of Development

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Published 15 Mar 2018
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Dr.Tamader: Saudi Arabia Empowers Women in all Fields of Development

New York,  SPA
Tamadar bint Yousef Al-Ramah, Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Development and the Head of Saudi delegation in the 62nd  Session of Commission on the Status of Women, said that this session aimed to address the challenges and opportunities in achieving gender equality and empowering women. She added that this session represents a good opportunity to highlight Saudi Arabia’s achievements in this area where the vision of Saudi Arabia are based on three pillars: vibrant society, thriving economy, and ambitious nation.
This was discussed in a formal meeting of the UN Commission on the Status of Women that was held today in New York. The head of delegation, Dr. Tamadeer,  pointed out that the Vision 2030 stated that Saudi Woman plays a significant role in Saudi Arabia strength, and we will continue to develop and invest in the Saudi women’s talents and abilities that will empower them to access to opportunities that build their future and contribute in the economic and social development. Dr. Tamadeer added that Saudi Arabia is keen to empower women’s participation in all the fields of development. Saudi women have proven their competency and ability in playing roles in all fields, such as members of Shura Council and Municipal Councils.


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