NCAAA Launches its E-Portal

NCAAA Launches its E-Portal
19 Mar

Riyadh, SPA
Dr. Ahmad Yahya Aljubaili, Executive Director of the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Assessment (NCAAA) in the Education Evaluation Commission, launched today the updated e-portal of the center,, in the presence of the center’s officials and the Executive Director’s advisors.
During the launch of the updated e-portal, Dr. Nasar Tayar, Advisor and Supervisor of the Engineering and Computer Science Unit and IT Department, gave a presentation about the updated e-portal, highlighting that it was taken into consideration that the designing of the portal’s interface should be easy to use and contains the information that the user needs. In addition, he pointed out that the updated e-portal contains the system of the academic accreditation that will play a significant role in facilitating the process and procedures of the academic accreditation between the educational institutions and the NCAAA.   
From his part, Dr. Ahamed praised the efforts made by the NCAAA team in the updated e-portal, highlighting the significant role that the Academic Accreditation System will play in transforming the producers from traditional system into an integrated electronic system that will save time, effort and resources.  


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