The agreements that took place within the Saudi Digital Pavilion at the Leap Conference for the second day

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Published 7 Feb 2023
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The agreements that took place within the Saudi Digital Pavilion at the Leap Conference for the second day
During the second day of the "Saudi Digital" Pavilion at the LEAP conference, four new digital services and platforms were launched, in addition to 11 agreements and memorandums of understanding that empower digital transformation and improve the user experience.

• The Ministry of National Guard signs four agreements in the technical development of the Ministry's digital infrastructure

•MCIT signs two agreements to enhance collaboration in the digital infrastructure and develop data center and cloud services.

• CITC signs an MoU with CNTXT to localize software vendors in the ICT sector.

• NCGR launched an e-payment service that aims to facilitate beneficiaries in e-payment of government services.

• An agreement between the Digital Government Authority and the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation in the field of free and open-source government software aims to enhance cooperation and contribute to the government transformation of open-source software products.

• GOSI launches (Ameen), a digital character who serves thousands of people simultaneously and answers all their questions and inquiries, regardless of their dialects and languages. 

• An agreement between the Government Expenditure & Projects Efficiency Authority and Microsoft aims to provide an integrated list of services and products to government entities and raise the efficiency of digital government procurement by accelerating their procedures and standardizing specifications and standards.

• A framework agreement for cloud computing services that provides all government entities with various cloud services, including storage, backups, virtual CPUs, and other cloud services.

• A framework agreement to supply printers, scanners, and inks to provide more than 23,000 products to meet the needs of government entities and standardize digital procurement specifications and accelerate their procedures.

• A framework agreement for the supply of IT devices and accessories to unify the technical specifications of IT devices in all government entities, facilitate digital procurement procedures, and increase the private sector's contribution.

• NCGR launches the Government Boarding service. This service enables government employees to issue flight boarding directly through airlines by visiting the Etimad platform.

Last Modified Date: 08/02/2023 - 5:08 PM Saudi Arabia Time


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