About Yesser

In Yesser, we are committed to improve the quality and efficiency of the government’s digital services.
We clear the way for the government agencies to provide efficient and high-quality services for citizens and businesses to raise investment returns and add value to the national economy.
Such ambitions drive us towards developing multiple initiatives and unique products to fulfill the aspirations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These include:
  • Enabling Digital Transformation.
  • Fostering the concept of digital government.
Vision:  To be at the forefront of transforming government entities in Saudi Arabia into e-government drivers.
Mission: We strive to improve the citizen's experience in e-government services by enabling and motivating entities to provide integrated and easy-to-use services for all.


  1. Establishing and developing initiatives and products that support and enable the digital government’s programs.
  2. Strengthening interest in digital transformation through the unique global experiences.
  3. Developing a supportive and attractive environment for skilled personnel who are passionate about leading digital transformation.
  4. Enabling the government agencies to provide their digital services with a high accuracy.