The Government Service Bus (GSB)


The Government Service Bus (GSB) is an essential pillar in securing well-integrated national infrastructure projects which are implemented and managed by Yesser Program. It aims to activate a secure data exchange between the government agencies that are authorized to use the data in providing their services effectively and accurately.

  • The government agencies remain in need of effective integration and interdependency, between all relevant agencies, to provide any government services. Consequently, there are two ways to link to GSB, either as a provider of data and services offered by GSB or as a consumer.
  • GSB is a vital support system by Yesser, purposed to help government agencies to provide e-services according to easy-to-use and integrated procedures. As the concept of e-government urges all government agencies to offer their services, data, and information to complete all transactions effectively, GBS comes to resonate with such aim and suffice its requirements.

Indicators and Numbers

  • + 133K E-transactions carried out by GSB
  • 152 Government agencies linked with GSB
  • 143 Number of consumers using GSB

GSB Features

  • Supporting the government agencies to build an integrated e-services.
  • Offering services that are of high quality, effective performance, and reliable.
  • Providing up-to-date data.
  • Reducing the time and cost required for integration and interconnection between government agencies.
  • Enabling the government agencies to provide their services electronically.
  • Reducing the e-services’ development life cycle.
  • Sharing the services that are provided by one government agency with the other government agencies.

The above graphic illustrates the process that the government agencies used to link directly with another government agency to provide e-services.

The above graphic illustrates the integration and interconnection between the government agencies on GSB, and the high reliability and ease of linking to provide e-services.

The added value of linking to GSB as a consumer

  • Offering a one-stop channel for all services and data provided by the government agencies.
  • Enabling consumer to obtain highly reliable data according to safe standard and criteria.
  • Supporting in boosting the effectiveness of e-services for all consumers by relying on the services provided on the channel.
  • Raising the level of transparency, fairness, and equality when providing e-services.

The added value of linking to GSB as a provider

  • Offering a unified platform that presents and markets all services to achieve the principle of "one-time installation and multiple uses.”
  • Realizing the concept of a “paperless government” and enhancing the effectiveness of all services provided.
  • Saving costs of individual linking between the government agencies.