This section highlights the efforts and initiatives that the government has introduced in relation to e-participation. Here, the guidelines for using e-participation tools are made known and the public consultation platform for laws, regulations and policies is introduced. Additionally, this segment sheds light on Watani Platform, a service evaluation platform, Private Sector Feedback Platform, and the Tawasel Platform for communications with leadership, while also providing an understanding of the Fikra e-platform, developed by the Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority in the Kingdom.

With increasing demand for comprehensive adoption of e-participation, Saudi Arabia has sought to utilize the vast telecommunications network and Internet service present in the country to enable citizens to participate in formulating solutions to issues of public interest. It believes that e-participation is the cornerstone of providing government services centered around citizens’ needs. This comes in addition to utilizing information technology and telecommunications to allow even more community involvement in governance, including the design and implementation of government services, constructing policies, and informing decision-making.

Guideline for Using the e-Participation Tools

Guideline for Using the e-Participation Tools in Saudi Arabia Government Agencies

This guideline is the result of a collaborative effort between the e-Government Program (Yesser) and a wide range of government agencies, academic institutions, private-sector entities, and civil society, whose participation of feedback and expertise was of great importance in accomplishing this guideline. Yesser Program wishes to express its thanks and appreciation to all of these agencies.


Public Consultation Platform for Laws, Regulations, and Policies

The Public Consultation Platform seek the view of citizens and residents, civil society, the public and , private sectors on government laws and regulations.

The Public Consultation Platform aims to enable you to share your views and feedback on upcoming legislation and projects related to economic and development affairs in Saudi Arabia. The Public Consultation Platform contains all current (open) and future (planned) proposals, and encourage you to share your opinion and thoughts on proposals before their approval. You will also find the outcomes of past (archived) consultations on the Public Consultation Platform.

To engage and participate in Public Consultations on topics as diverse as  (education, health, environment, social protection justice, transportation, etc.) please visit the Public Consultant Platform.

Consultations on strategies, initiatives, and services

Government entities are seeking the view of citizens and residents, civil society, the public and private sectors on various polices, strategies and initiatives. 

You can find more information about our current (open), future (planned) and past (archived) consultations on policies, strategies and initiatives on the website or portal of most government entities and have for your convenience listed them below:

Watani Platform (Services Evaluation)

It is a national platform that enables the citizen, resident and visitor to evaluate the services of government agencies, and share their feedback about the level of service. The evaluation is linked to a dashboard that is viewed by officials and decision-makers to improve the quality of government services.

Private Sector Feedback Platform

It is an effective communication channel between the government agencies and the private sector to receive the private sector’s feedback and their challenges that are related to the regulations. It aims to participate in the decision-making process of improving the business environment in Saudi Arabia.

Tawasel Platform (Communication with the Leadership)

The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, is keen to provide and facilitate all the services to citizens. Therefor, he directed to establish Tawasel Platform and to be provided by the Royal Court. This platform enables the citizens to send their complaint about any government agency that did not serve them well.

Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority | Fikra (Idea) 

It is an e-platform provided by the Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It aims to increase e-participation in finding creative solutions for challenges facing small and medium-sized businesses and to realize the strategic vision goals by opening the door for innovation and motivating thinkers.

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