Open Government Data

This section deals with the strategy, governance, and guidelines of Open Government Data in the Saudi Kingdom. It explains the concept of Open Data followed by Freedom Of Information (FOI) and individual rights to access and use the Open Government Data, including the vision, mission and objectives, policies and regulations governing Open Government Data in the Kingdom.

What is the Open Government Data?

The platform has implemented an open data policy to facilitate access to information and data in light of the digital acceleration. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is taking great systematic steps on the path of open data and free access, thus allowing it to contribute towards enhancing transparency in the implementation of government transactions, consolidating the principle of accountability within the government sector, and facilitating public evaluation and analysis of the content. Open data also helps to bridge the gap between the government sector and individuals.

National Open Data Portal – DATA.GOV.SA

To uphold the principle of transparency, encourage electronic involvement, and foster creativity, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provides an integrated data base of open government data. The National Open Data Portal allows you to access, download, and use the data of ministries and government agencies in the Kingdom. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data that is available on The National Open Data Portal or The National Portal can also be used. By searching for the name of the entity, group, structures, or tags, you can have access to several data bases that are present in The National Open Data Portal.

Open Data

is information that anybody can access, reuse, and publish without being subject to any technological, financial, or legal limitations. However, the terms of the legal license under which the information was made available, such as participation rights, must still be followed.

The platform makes its public data available to everyone through disclosure and accessibility across the website. This comes in recognition of the importance of open data and its social and development role, which the Kingdom's Vision 2030 stressed on strengthening as well as promoting the concept of transparency that will achieve development in all fields, in addition to bridging the gap between government sectors to ensure compliance with the national policy for open data issued by the office of National Data Management so that citizens benefit from it. Also, open data has a substantial value aimed at improving expertise by evaluating the performance of the entity’s administrative units, conducting research, and writing reports, in addition to supporting community innovation in this regard.

Click here to view the Electronic Services Level Agreement (SLA).


The National Unified Platform ‘the Platform’ provides information and data on its website, and by using this website the user agrees to be bound by the terms of use of the website and the terms of use of open data, provided that these terms and conditions may be subject to change or modification at any time without being bound by prior notice. Use of this website is governed by the regulations of the judicial authorities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with respect to all claims and disputes arising from the use of the platform.
We make every effort to ensure that the information in open data is accurate and up to date, but we make no guarantees or warranties of any kind, direct or indirect, as to the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability, or availability of the website or the relevant information, products, services, or graphics of the website for any purpose. You solely assume all risk if you depend on this material in any way.

Terms of Use

To ensure the benefit from the open data available on the platform, and in compliance with the policies issued by the Office of National Data Management, these conditions must be observed as it contributes to the incorporation and the enhancement of open data apparatus:

  • The user must not misrepresent the data that is made available by “the platform".
  • The source of the information that was reused should be indicated “the Unified National Platform”.
  • The data must not be used for political purposes or to support illegal or criminal activity.
  • The beneficiary must only use this data for legitimate and educational purposes, and not for defamation, criminal incitement, racist or discriminatory comments, provoking, negative influence on culture, equality, incitement, or any other irregular or contrary activity to the Kingdom's customs and traditions.

 Open Data Policy

Allows researchers, entrepreneurs, and startups to benefit from open data and use it without technical or financial constraints. Open data can be reused and published as long as the license conditions are met.

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