Human resource

If youth means potential, Saudi Arabia has plenty of it. The current demographic of educated and trained youth coupled with the government’s emphasis on developing human resources offers distinct advantages for foreign investors. Joint ventures with the Saudi government and the private sector have groomed a generation of managers and technocrats. Today’s situation offers tremendous opportunities for training and development.

There has been a rise in the number of young Saudi professionals graduating from Saudi universities. The government has created the Human Resources Fund for job skill training for Saudi youth. The Kingdom allows businesses to recruit from overseas if necessary. There are around six million skilled and semi-skilled expatriate workers in the Kingdom, from senior managerial level to labourers. Unskilled labour in Saudi Arabia costs US$2.77/hr. Compared to US$2.63/hr. in Mexico and US$22.60/hr. in France. The Kingdom offers substantial public and private educational institutions and Research and Development facilities. The private sector also runs major vocational/professional institutes.

Last Modified Date: 13/01/2019 - 8:56 AM Saudi Arabia Time
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