The Saudi workforce is mainly divided into three sectors of professions: service sector is the highest by 28.69%, the technical and scientific sector by 27.98%, and the third sector is administrative which is the lowest by 3.56%. Women, in the Saudi workforce, are working in the technical and scientific professions. 

The non-Saudi workforce is concentrated in the production and construction sector by 41.07%, followed by the service sector, then the administrative professions by 1.14%. According to the economic activity, the Saudi workforce is concentrated in the following activities, in descending order, public administration and education.

The non-Saudi workforce is active in the following areas: wholesale and retail trade, household workers, and fishing. According to the results of the workforce research, conducted by the General Authority for Statistics in Shaban 1430 H corresponding to August 2009, the proportion of the workforce in the total population in Saudi Arabia is 49.9%. 

The results of the research indicates that more than two-thirds of the Saudi workforce is concentrated among individuals aged 25-44 (67.5% of males and 77.0% of females). The learning rate among the Saudi population within the workforce reached 96.5% (the male learning rate is 99.1% compared to the female at 98.5%.). 

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