What is the National Profile?

National Profile

Easily access your information and government services.

(For more details on the National Profile and the National Single Sign-On click here)

How do I log in to the National Profile? 

From GOV.SA click on the Sign In icon
Log in via SSO or Absher.
(You must have an account in one of two the services)
Access to the National Profile page

What information is available in the National Profile?

Full name, ID number Expiry, Gender, Birthdate
City, District, Street, Postal code, Building number
Secondary school certificate, School name, GPA, GPAType, Grade, Transcripts, University, Collage, Major, Degree, Graduation date, GPA, GPA Type, Transcripts(Study abroad), Education center, Collage, Major, Degree, Graduation date, GPA, GPA Type
Job description, Worlplace, GOSI subscription, User number, Employment staut
Commercial registration number, Agricultural registration number, Zakat & tax certificate, Zakat certificate number, Expiry Date, My shops, licenses, License number, Expiry Date, Commercial registration number
Industrial loan details, Loan demanded, loan amount, Social loans details, Loan demanded,  Remaining amount, Mortgage loan, Loan demanded, loan amount, Agricultural loan, Loan demanded, , Loan amount, Traffic violations, Cars& violations number Remaining Amount
Social Security, Social Security Amount, Is pensioner, Is beneficiary, Monthly salary

Last Modified Date: 04/12/2019 - 10:22 AM Saudi Arabia Time
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