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Issuing Driving License

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia presents its efforts and dedication to facilitating the issuance of obtaining a valid driving license in the Kingdom through the development of an e-service, provided by the Public Security Department, which can be accessed through Absher. The service allows citizens and residents to carry out the necessary process procedures, in order to acquire a driver’s license that permits them to legally drive in the Kingdom. To further understand the requirements for issuing a driving license, click here. A medical check-up is an essential part of attaining a driving license in the Kingdom. This test includes blood samples, an eye test and a general check-up. To access this service or for more information, click here. Gaining a valid license includes passing a required theoretical test. This test is carried out on a computer and includes 20 questions, which you are given 30 minutes to answer. While taking the test, you are allowed to make a total of 2 mistakes and if you do not know the answer to a particular question, you may skip it and a new question will appear. To ensure that you are fully prepared for the theoretical test, the Saudi Driving School provides the trainee with 8 theoretical lectures, each lasting for up to an hour. Whereas, for practical training, the applicant must go to the driving school first to get an assessment and then the number of hours required for training will be determined. The driving school will provide you with a training course customized to your needs, allowing you to receive an assessment to determine if you qualify for obtaining a driver’s license or not.
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