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Social Insurance Pension Services

Ministry of Human Resource and Social Development

The social insurance pension is defined as: the payment of a certain amount of money on a monthly basis for the beneficiaries where funds allocated for this program are raised from Zakah. Benefiting from this program is restricted to Saudis who live permanently in K.S.A and meet the social insurance system conditions. However , the condition of being of a Saudi national is excepted in the following cases: - Non-Saudi wife who is married to a Saudi husband or his widow who has children from him. - The Saudi widow’s children who were born to a non-Saudi father (foreigner). Those with disabilities, widows with orphans and orphans who do not have Saudi nationality documents and who have mobility cards, also benefit from the provisions of the social insurance regulations

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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer support

  • If you are eligible to apply for a social security pension, fill out the form.
  • The required information includes the information of the familys primary wage earner (if any), Income statement, family information, bank account information, attachment of required documents,submit the request.
  • The beneficiary then submits the application and follows up on (My applications) until a decision is made about his/her application
  • The beneficiary must be eligible for Zakat and other targeted categories, such as the elderly, widows, divorced and abandoned women.
  • The beneficiary must fall under one of the targeted categories, and must be eligible for social pension.

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