Banks Accounts - Standing Order Complaints

An e-service provided by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency, which enables individuals, corporate and government customers to register complaints against their banks. The Bank is the owner of any complaint related to the examination and examination of various complaints technically and legally.
  • The customer enters the bank complaints website.
  • The customer chooses the type of complaint.
  • The customer selects the bank to file the complaint against, compiles the data, holds the attachments for his complaint, and presses (Submit the complaint).
  • The complaint is sent to the bank, and the bank handles the complaint.
  • The customer inquires about the response through (Complaints) via the website and he has the freedom to accept or escalate it to the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority.
  • If the complaint is escalated to the Authority, the Authority will analyze the response and re-address the bank.
  • The Bank shall reply, and the Authority reviews, analyzes, and send an alert to the customer.
  • The customer inquires about the responses through the on-site complaints system, using the complaint number.

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Citizen, Resident, Individuals

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IVR, Portal, SMS,

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