Amendment of Public Investment Funds Information

Capital Market Authority

An e-service provided by the Capital Market Authority, which enables beneficiaries to review approval requests of major changes at the public investment funds.

Individuals, Business
Target audience
15.0 Days(s)
Service duration
Service channels
Service cost

Customer support

  • Access the system as an authorized person.
  • Click (List of Records) at the top of the Homepage.
  • (Click (Public Investment Fund Details.
  • Select the Fund number you want to request an amendment for it.
  • Enter the following data: the subject of the notice, and the answer of the following question: Does the change require the approval of the other parties than the Fund Manager? If yes, there is a field to enter the parties.
  • Acknowledge that the suggested change is not incompatible with the Investment Funds Regulations and other executive regulations, then Click (Submit Request).
  • Receiving of the Fundamental Change Request submitted by the Fund Manager and the documents relating to the application.
  • No violation or non-compliance with regulations.

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