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Payment of Unemployment Insurance Benefits

General Organization for Social Insurance

An e-service of requesting to receive unemployment benefits (Sand) through the user’s account without needing to visit the entity

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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer support

  • Log in to the GOSI online.
  • Enter the contributor account.
  • Make a request for the insurance (SANED).
  • Type the IBAN number.
  • Make sure of your personal data.
  • To be a Saudi citizen.
  • Availability of eligible subscription periods.
  • He should not have been dismissed from work for a reason related to him.
  • He should not have income from work or private activity.
  • He should not leave work of his own free will.
  • He should be able to work.
  • He should not have reached the age of sixty.
  • Registration with the Ministry (by submitting the application to the General Organization for Social Insurance within 90 days from the date of leaving work) • Actively and seriously searching for work.
  • Commitment to training as determined by the Fund.
  • Adhere to the instructions and directives issued by the Fund
  • There are no requirements.

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