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Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University

An e-service provided by Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University, which enables students of other universities to request studying as visiting student.

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  • Enter the e-university portal
  • Select (request studying as a visitor),.Fill in the data.
  • Select the subjects and courses.
  • Follow the status of the application until receiving the acceptance notice.
  • The student must have an academic transcript (with an cumulative GPA) for at least two semesters from the university he got accepted in.
  • The student must be Saudi or have a Saudi mother.
  • The student must be suspended for disciplinary or educational reasons
  • The student shall receive a prior written approval from the Deanship of Admission and Registration at his university to study as a visiting student at Prince Sattam University. The approval shall include the approved number, code, name of the course and number of credited hours where the student will study as a visiting student at the University of Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz
  • The maximum number of semesters allowed to be studied by the student is only two-semester.
  • The visiting student will not get a financial bonus from Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University.

Last Modified Date: 03/12/2020 - 7:04 AM Saudi Arabia Time

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