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Fertilizers Import Request

Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture

The service allows companies and institutions to apply for the import of agricultural fertilizers to enter the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Service launch date: Apr 1, 2018, 7:00:00 PM GMT

  • Acceptance of instructions and conditions for service
  • Fill in the application form
  • Send Request
  • Commercial registration in addition to fertilizer activity.
  • An agricultural engineer working for the company.
  • A fertilizer warehouse licensed by the Civil Defense.
  • When you want to import fertilizers containing materials restricted by industrial security, a Saudi agricultural engineer, a Saudi chemical engineer or technician, or a Saudi pharmacist or pharmaceutical technician must be available.
  • Upon completion of the requirements, they are submitted
  • electronically on the Ministry's website through the Hassad system, and after approval, import applications are submitted through the system.
  • View the list of fertilizers and soil conditioners.
  • Obtaining an import approval from the Ministry before shipment, to view the requirements required to be submitted to the port upon arrival of the consignment
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Invoice copy
  • Civil Defense Permit
  • Poster image
  • General Security Approval
  • Annual Letter of Need

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