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Enrolling Student in Scholarship Program

Ministry Of Education

An e-service provided by the Ministry of Education, which enables students, who are studying at their own cost and meet the scholarship's requirements, to apply for enrollment in the scholarship program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer support

  • Enter the system.
  • Sign in to your student account.
  • Go to the list of study services.
  • Choose the service of enrolling a student in the scholarship membership (enrollment in the scholarship for the student at his own expense).
  • The student must have approval from the Ministry to study at the private expense.
  • The student must be of good conduct and behavior, and fit healthily.
  • The student should not have previously been dismissed from the scholarship or from one of the Saudi universities and has not previously obtained or received a scholarship at the same stage.
  • The student must be a resident of the country of study and full-time for it.
  • The student should not be a government employee or in the private sector.
  • The university in which the student is studying must be distinguished and classified among the best (50) universities in specialization
  • The specialization at the university in which the student is studying must be recommended and not overcrowded or closed, according to the ministry's website for the recommended universities.
  • Enrollment is done in scholarship countries only.
  • The number of seats allocated for placement is limited and a comparison will be made between applicants.
  • The student must complete the required hours at his own expense at the required rate in the country of study, according to the academic stage.
  • There are no requirements.

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