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Transferring to Another University

King Faisal University

An e-service provided by King Faisal University, which enables students to transfer from one university to another.

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  • Access to (My Services portal).
  • Click (Registering a new account).
  • Create an account for student from outside the university so that he can see the service link at his page.
  • A verification code will be sent to the student phone and to the external email he added in the database to ensure that his data is correct, and also by means of which he can retrieve the secret code he assigned in case he was forgotten.
  • Upon registration, the student is offered some of the services available to him by his classification within the university, including a transfer request.
  • Immediately after entry, in case the system is open for transfer, the student will put the ID number to verify it through integration with a restricted service to ensure that the student is enrolled in a Saudi university.
  • If the student is registered in a Saudi university, the system allows him to file a request for transfer.
  • A list of available colleges will be displayed according to the major of interest to the student and his GPA. Acknowledgement message will be issued to the student. He can trace the status of his request
  • Request will be sent to Admission and Registration Deanship and eventually to the appropriate college.
  • Request will be sent back to Admission and Registration for approval upon review of the student original documents. A notice will be issued to the student about the status of his request.

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