Cancellation of Vessel Arrival Notice

An e-service provided by the Saudi Ports Authority in FASAH system, which enables shipping agents to cancel the vessel arrival notice that has been requested previously via the system to the Management of Operations at the port.
  • Log in the system services FASAH system.
  • Select (Community Ports) from the drop-down list next to the (login).
  • Click on (Login).
  • Click on the link of(Cancelation of the Ship Arrival Notification ), Click on (Cancel).
  • the search screen will appear., search for (shipping agent) notification needed to be canceled.
  • Enter the reason of cancelation and notes in the field in notification page.
  • Click on ( Submit) to submit a notice to the Competent Department of the (Ports) for considering the approval or rejection.
  • The system informs the user the cancellation request has been received successfully.
  • The system notifies the beneficiary about the application result if the notification cancellation request is accepted or rejected.

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