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A service that enables investors to practice tourism activities and services (organizing tourist trips / travel and tourism agency / office for booking and marketing tourist accommodation units) after fulfilling the requirements and requirements of the Ministry of Tourism and the concerned authorities.

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  • The applicant for the license must be a Saudi national - whether a natural or legal person; male or female - or a foreign investor with a valid license in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.
  • The person must be fully qualified, otherwise his representative must obtain the legitimate permission from the competent authority.
  • He must not have previously been convicted of a crime against honor or honesty, unless he has been rehabilitated.
  • There must not have been a decision or a ruling to cancel the license against the license applicant for violating the system and its regulations, unless the issuance of the decision or judgment (5 years) has passed when submitting the application.
  • The commercial register should include the National Classification of Economic Activities 'ISIC number' as follows:
  1. The activity of organizing tourist trips (791223 ISIC), and if the license application is an electronic platform, the address of the platform must be included in the commercial register.
  2. Activities of travel and tourism agencies (ISIC 791101).
  3. The activity of booking and marketing tourist accommodation units (ISIC 799014).
  • The existence of a municipal license (if the license is for an office).
  • The presence of the civil defense permit (if the license is for an office).
  • Pay the fee for issuing a tour operator license.
  • Pay offenses and fines if any.
  • Registration of the national address in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.
  • Provide a preliminary concept of the activity that is in line with achieving the objectives of the General Strategy for the Development of National Tourism, which includes the following:
  1. Its geographical scope within the Kingdom.
  2. Target markets to visit the Kingdom.
  3. Quality of tourism services and programs (historic, safari, recreational, marine, adventures, camps, desert camps, luxury resorts, tour guides, restaurants, entertainment sites, bicycles, mountaineering, walking sports, water sports).

Last Modified Date: 29/08/2022 - 1:00 PM Saudi Arabia Time

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