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Admission to Saudi Public Universities

Ministry Of Education

An e-service provided by the Ministry Of Education, which enables universities to upload (Excel) files of the names of admitted students, and it will be published to be available. The service also allows students to ensure that their files are uploaded.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer support

  • Select the students data file to be uploaded into the system.
  • The page of the admitted students will be displayed.
  • The admitted students information will be displayed.
  • Select (upload the data).
  • Validate the data in the file.
  • Verify the file format.
  • If the service validated the uploaded data, you can access the service to publish the data by clicking the (Publish Data) button.
  • The service will change the file status to (data is installed) and it allows other universities to see this data.
  • Delete the unpublished data by clicking the (Delete Unpublished Data) button.

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