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Request to Change Input Tax Deduction Method

Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority

The default method is used to calculate the value of input tax attributable to taxable supplies, which are exempt from tax for the purposes of determining the percentage of input tax that can be deducted. This method may not be the most accurate in some cases, as it may give an inaccurate representation of input tax attributable to VAT supplies, so using this service to apply for approval to use a method of calculation of proportional discount is not the default method

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Service launch date: Apr 14, 2019, 7:00:00 PM GMT

  • Log in to the Authority's portal:
  • Go to Indirect Taxes (VAT)
  • Go to "Taxpayer Requests"
  • Choose Create Browse Requests
  • Select Request to use input tax prorated deduction method
  • Fill out the form and upload the application letter that includes the reason for the request:
  • - History of Serant from/to the current method of deducting the rate of the added tax
  • rate for the purchase Proposed method of deduction method The rate of the added tax rate at the time of purchase
  • You will be notified based on the Authority's decision
  • Reason for the request
  • Proposed method of deduction and percentage of input tax
  • Supporting evidence of the accuracy of the proposed method of input tax deduction
  • There are no requirements.

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