Import Declaration Submission

Fasah Portal Services allow customer brokers to create and submit Import declarations electronically to customs at anytime and from anywhere. Furthermore, upon acceptance from Customs, the Customs fees payable will automatically computed and Importers and customs brokers will alerted to make the necessary payment for faster clearance process. And the schedules of the inspection of the goods in a convenient and easy way, so that Importers and customs brokers can re-use the import and delivery information supplied by the Shipping Agent in order to create and submit the import Declaration electronically, thus reducing data re-entry errors. Customer broker: The possibility of reusing the information of the delivery Order and the BL information without repeating its information again at any .time, as well as the possibility of reusing the same data and information that already entered.
  • Access Fasah Portal.
  • Log in to the service (Import Declaration Submission).
  • Fill in the information of Import Declaration then submit it to the Saudi Customs Authority.

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