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Issue of Work Permits for Final Exit

Ministry of Human Resource and Social Development

This service allows the issuance of work permits for the purpose of completing the final exit process from the Kingdom, for workers for whom a work permit has not been issued, or whose work permits have expired. Facilities or workers (in case their work licenses expire) can issue final exit licenses.

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Individuals, Businesses, Government, Resident, Corporations
Target audience
3.0 Days(s)
Service duration
Arabic and English
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Mobile apps, Portal,
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Customer support

  • Go to the e-services website, and log in.
  • Select the facility.
  • Choose to issue a work permit for final exit.
  • If you agree to the statement, click (Agree).
  • Add the workers to whom a final exit is to be issued.
  • Click (Search).
  • Choose the workers to be permanently fired.
  • Click on (Issue).
  • You will be shown the required amount of money and the payment number.
  • The work permit has expired, or the work permit has not been issued to the worker.

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