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Visa Issuance Request

Ministry of Human Resource and Social Development

This service provides visas granted to facilities that apply for recruitment for the first time since their establishment, or granted to the facilities wishing to expand the activity, or granted to an facility linked to a specific government contract, or granted to the facility linked to a specific government endorsement.

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Individuals, Businesses, Government, Resident, Visitor, Corporations
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1.0 Days(s)
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Arabic and English
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Mobile apps, Portal,
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  • After the credit request is approved, pay the fee for the number of visas to be issued.
  • Click on the visa issuance service link, then choose the balance to be used in issuing visas.
  • Enter the application data, and specify the number of workers required. After adding all the recruitment records, click on (Send).
  • System sends the request to the concerned departments, and the facility representative can follow up on it through the query feature, either by searching for a specific request no, or searching for requests within a specified period of time.

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