Digital Complaint

Digital Government Authority

A service that allows the beneficiary to open a ticket in order to escalate the complaint submitted to the government entity providing the service, in case the time period for handling the complaint exceeds or if the beneficiary is not satisfied.

Individuals, Business
Target audience
5.0 Days(s)
Service duration
Service channels
Service cost
  1. Visit National Unified Portal by using IAM (Nafath)
  2. Insert the personal information, i.e., phone No. and e-mail
  3. Select the entity that you are reporting about.
  4. Select the related service that you are reporting about.
  5. Add a description and title for your complaint, and then submit it.
  6. Accordingly, you will receive an SMS that contains the report number.
  7. You will receive a follow-up SMS from the Citizens Engagement Center (Amer) that indicates your complaint has been escalated to the portal’s entity.
  8. You will receive a notification upon addressing the ticket or the lack of documents.
  • A reference number for the complaint with the government entity and the proceeding has been exceeded without being addressed.
  • A reference number for the complaint with the government entity and the lack determine the response duration.
  • Not being able to file a complaint with the government entity due to system failure.
  • No previous escalation with the Beneficiaries Interaction Center (Amer) for the same complaint number with the government entity. 
  • A complaint reference number with the government entity was closed without a satisfactory solution.

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