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Approval of Employment Contract for Labor Services

Ministry of Human Resource and Social Development

An e-service provided by the Ministry of Human Resource and Social Development, which enables facilities to approve the employment contract for labor services that have been registered in the system by recruitment companies.

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Businesses, Corporations, Investor, Premium resident, Small and micro enterprises
Target audience
14.0 Days(s)
Service duration
Arabic and English
Service provided in
Mobile apps, Portal,
Service channels
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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer support

  • Access the e-services website and log in.
  • Select Approval Service for Hiring Labor Service and click on Start Service
  • Select the facility from which you want to approve the rental contracts, then click on View Details
  • A screen with the contracts that have not been approved will appear. Click on the required contract
  • After approval, a message will appear stating that the action was done successfully

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