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This service allows users to dispense medication from commercial pharmacies through consulting MOH's remote channels. The user can call 937-Service Center or use «Mawid» app to get an e-prescription that can be dispensed from the nearest pharmacy without the need to see a doctor.

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  • The user communicates with one of the medical advice channels of the Ministry of Health, namely: 937 and the Sehha app.
  • The doctor accesses the electronic prescription platform, and then the patient's data is entered and verified electronically through the Ministry of Interior.
  • Medicines are prescribed by the doctor based on the diagnosis of the condition.
  • A text message will be sent to the patient with a special code for the prescription, in addition to the status of the request, allowing him to go to any of the participating commercial pharmacies to dispense the medicine.
  • The patient provides the pharmacy with the identification number and the code for the prescription.
  • The pharmacist logs into the electronic prescription system, and then checks the patient's prescription data and disburses it so that its status is modified electronically to (Expense).
  • For physicians: They must have valid Professional Classification and Professional Health Practice License, in addition to an account in «Abshir» System.
  • For pharmacies: They must be registered in «Seha» platform with a valid medical license.

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